You Don’t Have To Write A Book To Be An Author

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You can be a author without being a writer. An author and writer are two completely different titles because some authors don’t actually produce their own books! It’s a well-known fact that some authors hire their what we have come to know as ghost writers who are paid a certain amount of money to produce the work for these authors. These ghost writers are bound by an agreement to never ever EVER EVER reveal their true identity, claim any rights to the work produced and never to reveal who they have written for in the past! This is necessary to protect the credibility of the authors that they write for. Imagine if someone some day claims that they are the true writers for big names such as JK Rowling. What do you think will happen to Rowling if that happened? Of course, I am in no way saying that Rowling hired a ghost writer lest you begin speculating. I am not. I am only giving an example.

If you’ve always wanted to be an author and don’t think you can put all your ideas into words, it’s not the end of the road for you. Many people have problems putting their creative ideas on paper so you’re not alone. The key is in finding a ghost writer who can do that for you. But even with that said, it’s hard to find a ghost writer who has experience and can write in a way that represents ‘you’. Whatever this ghost writer produces embodies your personality and style – this is very hard to do unless the writer knows you personally or is privy to information you have.

The ghost writer must also paper writing service reddit be someone you can trust with your ideas and thoughts. During brainstorming sessions and in the beginning stages where you’re still trying to work out the storyline or the core of the book, you’re going to be divulging a lot of information to the writer, and this ghost writer is in a position where he/she can easily jeopardize your professional image. Hence, it’s important to find a ghost writer who is not only good at what he/she does but also someone you can share information with without holding your breath.

The market for freelance writing is a tight one but this often means that it’s easy to find a ghost writer with the Internet these days. All you have to do is to log onto the internet, surf on to some freelance writing website and post your project for a ghost writer. Soon, your email inbox will be flooded with requests! And it’s extremely cheap to hire a ghost writer for your project too – quite unlike what it was before. This is because the freelance writing industry has bloomed so much that the market has become saturated which has caused price of ghost writing services to plummet dramatically

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