Why You Need to Be Writing Content Articles to Build Your Brand and Improve SEO

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To successfully build your business in the world today it is pretty much essential that you have an online presence. As the digital world expands so do the number of people taking part in that world. When you put your business online you are not only expanding your customer base in your local area, but you are essentially entering a global marketplace filled with potential new customers. According to a recent US Digital Media Usage report put out by eMarketer, “In 2012, the audience of internet users in the U.S. will expand by 3.1% to 239 million, representing 75.6% of the total population.” That means that just over ¾ of the entire US population will be online in 2012. An easy way to reach all of those millions of potential customers is by using quality SEO articles to market your business.

Not only are there going to be 239 million people online in 2012, but according to the same report there will be a 17% increase in mobile internet users this year. Today’s shoppers are more web savvy and mobile than ever before, and marketing directly to them could greatly increase your business. One of the best ways to market directly to Internet users is through article writing. Articles with proper keyword placement can drive up your search engine ranking. The higher the search engine rank of your webpage, the more likely it will be that people will click through your links. What’s even better is that the more clicks or hits you get on your webpage, the higher your search engine rankings will be. If you aren’t marketing with articles the chances are very good that you aren’t reaching as many users and potential customers as you could be.

The Benefits of Branding

When you are building your business presence online it’s important to create a sense of cohesion between your physical reddit essay writing service presence, your website, and your social media accounts. Your brand is your company’s personality and people are looking for brands that they can trust and rely on. By engaging with your customers through the technology that they use every day and being consistent in your approach and the way you present your company, you help people understand who you are and what you represent. Customers want easy access to the goods and services they want to buy, and showing them that your company is there to meet those needs and desires will go a long way towards building your brand. Writing articles or working with a copywriting service that can write articles that adhere to your company’s brand and personality can give you an avenue to successfully establish your company online

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