Tops Secrets On How To Get A Plumbing Job

Becoming a plumber is a wise choice for a career. According to a survey, the employment of plumbers including pipefitters, and steamfitters is expected to grow by 26% from 2010 to 2020, making it one of the most profitable occupations.

However, considering the stiff competition and the countless number of applicants in the plumbing industry, getting a plumbing job may require a lot of effort. For you to be able to ace the attention of employers, you need to be able to prove yourself worthy of the job. As per experts’ advice, listed below are some keys that you can take to unlock your future in getting a good plumbing job.

Graduate from high school – Finish your high school with good grades in subjects that are important to plumbing services such as chemistry, math, blueprint reading, and local regulations. Finishing high school will serve as the key for you to be able to proceed as an apprentice.

Work as an apprentice – There are many ways to work as an apprentice. You can enroll to vocational or trade schools or apprenticeship programs, or apply as an assistant with a master plumber. Through your apprentice years, learn the different kinds of pipes and the proper use of plumbing tools and safe handling of materials, as well as acquire complex skills for pipe installations and fixtures. You will need this when you apply for a job. Most employers usually look for a plumber who is good in math, able to move around on the ground with dexterity, and mechanically inclined.

Join your local plumbers union – This is another way and more advantageous way of getting a job as a plumber. Although the competition may be tough, do not hesitate to get an application form from your union office. Fill out an application and take an aptitude test, which is usually administered by the Apprenticeship Committee. Maintain a clean driving record and pass the drug test as well as the background check.

Start with small companies in your area – If you cannot get a place in the union, you have the option to apply in companies just around your area that offer plumbing services. Thus, submit a well written resume and application to a company you are aiming for. Although the pay is Seattle Plumbing not as high as the union, you can take this as a stepping stone to gaining more experience and recognition in order to advance you in becoming a master plumber or higher. You will also need this experience in getting a license.

Get a license – The licensing requirements for plumbers may vary from one state to another. Most states usually require a 4 year on-the-job training and experience to get a master plumber or journeyman license. Depending on your state requirements, you may also need to pass a licensure examination. Getting a license will get you more customers and allow you to build your own business.


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