Top 8 Reasons to Give a Wine Club Gift

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If you glance around any modern gourmet grocery you will see that there are all kinds of accouterments and food items intended to be put to use by wine enthusiasts. The wine industry has practically exploded over the past decade. Today there are wine clubs, wine tasting parties, wine bars, specialty shops and even journals for collecting the labels from all of the vintages sampled.

Clearly if someone is enthusiastic about wine one of the Vclubshop greatest gifts they could receive is a membership in one of the fantastic wine clubs available. Such a gift would allow them to enjoy a delivery of wine on a regular basis and it might introduce them to a new favorite.

The top ten reasons for giving a wine club gift are:

1) It is the gift that keeps on giving – Of course this can sound like a cliché, but really it helps to remember that most gifts are presented on a single occasion, whereas the wine club gift membership would be re-given every month or on an extended basis. Additionally, each time the receiver enjoyed a glass of wine they would be thinking of you and the fabulous gift you have given to them.

2) High quality choices – A wine club gift membership will entitle the Vclubshop recipient to receive only the best choices on the market. Most wine clubs have panels of experts who make new selections on a regular basis. Not many people, not even the most enthusiastic wine aficionados, can often spend such time and money making such a well-researched and well-informed decision about which wines to try.

3) Foreign travel – Let’s face it, not many people get to travel to foreign locations to sample food and wine. When you give someone a wine club gift membership it is almost like sending them to a new place to sample the best wines the region has to offer. There are actually clubs dedicated to specific regions or specific grapes and this too is like a secret “mini vacation” to one of these locations.

4) Knowledge is power – A majority of wine club gift memberships will come with a host of informative materials. For example, the membership might include a monthly newsletter, special documents about each of the wines delivered and further information about the wine industry in a country or region. This can really help someone to develop a real sense of their own preferences as well.

5) Some nice accessories – Many contemporary wine club gift memberships provide wine accessories along with the enrollment. This could mean a great corkscrew, book or other item that will be used time and again by the recipient.

6) Build a cellar – If the recipient is already a knowledgeable wine enthusiast you could easily find a wine club gift membership directed at developing or improving a wine cellar. This would be greatly appreciated by anyone interested in wine.

7) Enjoy a meal – Not everyone is confident in their Vclubshop ability to pair wine with food, but most wine club gift memberships provide the kind of background and details that helps the recipient match the selection to the perfect food or meal.

8) A lot to talk about – Think of all the great conversations you could have with the recipient of a wine club gift membership. This is a wonderful way to keep in touch with a friend who lives at a distance.

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