The Coolest Items in World of Warcraft, and How to Get Them – Part 8 – Tiny Voodoo Mask

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The Tiny Voodoo Mask is a drop down item. This item binds when you pick it up so it cannot be sold, and you cannot buy it on the AH.

You can get the Tiny Voodoo Mask from Hex Lord Malacrass, it have a 1 in 5 chance to drop for you (or approximately that chance) but this trinket is an extra drop so you will not miss the drop down of a powerful item if you get it.

Hex Lord Malacrass is one of the bosses at Zul’Aman Buy wow gold . Zul’Aman is a raid dungeon located in the Ghostlands.

This item is a 70 level one and it will summon a 3 Voodoo Gnomes to fight for you. The Gnomes are very low on HP but when summon they will cast a 2 second Lightning Bolts that do 140-150 Damage and sometimes in between casts they land a melee hit for 30-40 if the enemy is close enough. If they don’t die, and complete the 30 second, the damage will be in the 4000 HP all together.

With a 10 minute cool down you will want to have this item in you rotation cycle and not as your main one. As a Moonkin Druid (or any other character that can summon assistance or aid) this one is a must for you army gathering ability.

One point you need to take in your consideration before going out there and try to get this cool item is that you will not be able to use it in the arena despite that this item only have 10 minute cool down.


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