Marketing Offline Or Online – Which MLM Strategy Will Make You Millions?

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I have been asking myself which MLM Strategy will make you millions, offline or online? So what I decided to do is to do some research to find out which of the two strategies the millionaires are using to amass their fortunes. Which one will have me an abundance of leads just jumping to give me a call and to want to know what it is that I do and how they can do it too? What I have discovered is that there are hundreds maybe even thousands of strategies both offline and online that you can choose from.Top Free Offline Games For PC Windows 10 You Shouldn't Miss In 2021

There are a lot of people who wonder the same thing and just from my research I have found that you can market successfully online and offline game pc offline. It all depends on you and the type of personality that you have. Every successful marketer is different and so they may use a variety of ways to market their business. Once you decide which one of the strategies is right for you then you may want to do a trial one to see if that one will produce the results that you want and if not then try out the other.

I know I have broken it down to a simple way to look at it, but it really is that simple. It all starts with you and what type of a network marketer you want to become. Both offline and online requires the proper training and time spent learning your craft and you must invest your time and yes maybe some money into it to be a success.

Neither the offline nor the online approach is a get rich quick scheme, you just have to decide what are you willing to do what are you willing to invest.

Ask yourself these questions: Do you like the 3-foot rule, do you want to create a list of everyone you know, since you were born, do you want to attend weekly meetings, do you want to buy leads to generate traffic to your business? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then the OFFLINE strategy is for you.

Ask yourself these next set of questions: Would you like to use the internet to attract leads for you, would you like to use article marketing, social media sites, Google, or pay per click ads to generate FREE traffic to your business? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then the ONLINE strategy is for you.

It goes back to your personality and what is right for you. I love using article marketing and social media to market my business to have leads attracted to me from a mixture of sources which is the name of the game; that equals more leads, more money, more success only if you become great at what you do and it all depends on you

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