Mandurah – The Heart of the Peel Region

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Mandurah is one of the fastest growing regional cities of Western Australia. Located only 74 kilometres from the state’s capital, Perth, Mandurah is known as the gateway to the South West. Easily accessible with car rental Perth, following the Brand Highway, the drive to Mandurah encompasses magnificent views of the coastline, while passing through the beautiful cities of Fremantle, Kwinana and Rockingham. This is an essential driving experience that is made enjoyable by the safe and secure main roads of this region.

The large population boom in Mandurah over the last 15 years is largely owed to the area’s unique blend of coast, bushland, industry and inner-city living. Yet the city has maintained its relaxed, holiday atmosphere, making it the ideal location for visitors seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of edgy city life!

The city centre is positioned around Mandjar Bay, which makes it a water lover’s paradise. Enjoying a Mediterranean style climate, with warm to hot summers and cool, wet winters, Mandurah attracts tourists from far and wide all year round. With such a wide array of sights to see, things to do and adventures to experience, it is no wonder this is one of the most thriving areas in Western Australia.

Mandurah is home to some of the finest waterways in Australia. Located in the Peel Region, this city is the junction where the Murray, Serpentine and Harvey Rivers meet. This has been taken advantage of with the development of a world-class marina, which allows for boat access to the Peel Inlet. The residential canal developments make this area ideal for fishing, crabbing, swimming, recreational cruising and water skiing. There are also numerous boat launching facilities which allow you to enjoy a peaceful day out on the water with the whole family.

Mandurah hosts several annual water events which draws Peel region  in thousands of tourists year on end. The Channel Seven Crab Festival and the Mandurah Ocean Marina Boat and Fishing Show are a great excuse for a family day out. Soak up the friendly atmosphere and spend the day doing a spot of fishing or mixing with the locals. The kids are sure to enjoy!

The great thing about the Mandurah region is its contrasts between coastal and inland activities. Surrounded by natural bushland, it is the ideal place to base yourself to explore the native surrounds. The Erskine Nature Trail can be accessed from the Mandurah Quays and is a 6 kilometre return trip. The walk skirts the peel inlet which allows visitors to soak up the surrounding waterways, flora and fauna. The magnificent views of the waterways allow for frequent dolphin spotting which is the real highlight of the walk.

The Halls Head walk is another of the unique bush trails the Mandurah region has to offer. Easily accessed from Boardwalk Boulevard, this walk rests on the edges of the Indian Ocean. With spectacular views offering more dolphin sighting opportunities and easy access to the local beaches, this walk offers a pleasant contrast between the coastline and bushland settings. This walk is especially memorable at dawn or dusk with the views of the coastline emphasised in an impressive manner.

Taking a short, 35 minute drive east of Mandurah will bring you to Serpentine. Here you will find the Serpentine Falls National Park which is home to the Serpentine Falls. These spectacular falls are breathtaking and the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic lunch. Enjoy the natural surroundings and native bird life on the Baldwin’s Bluff Nature Trail which encapsulates views of magnificent waterfalls, coastal plains, Mandurah, Rockingham and the very distant skyline of Perth. This walk truly gives you a greater sense of the vastness and serenity of Mandurah and its surrounds.

While staying in Mandurah, I highly recommend basing yourself at the Mandurah Caravan and Tourist Park. This is a great family park with a close vicinity to the local shops, beaches and estuaries. Relax and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the park and let the kids run wild with the abundance of fun activities on offer here.


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