How To Download Movies To Ipod – 3 Simple Steps & Shortcut!

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Most people that own iPod’s know that they can download movies to their iPod but not everyone knows how to do it. Follow the steps outlined below and you will have all your movies on your iPod in no time.

How to download movies to iPod – Watch movies you already own

The first step in watching movies you already own is to get them on to your computer. Just pop the DVD into the DVD drive. The next thing you will need to do is get a DVD ripper. A DVD ripper will allow you to take the movies from the DVD and put it onto your computer hard drive. This will take a while depending on the quality of your DVD ripper, also must good quality DVD rippers cost anywhere from $29.99 – $69.99.całe filmy online (If you already have the movies that you want to watch on your iPod on your computer’s hard drive go to Step 2)
The next step in being able to watch movies on your iPod is converting the movies you have on your computer to iPod format so you can transfer them onto your iPod. For this you will need a iPod video converter or any other program that converts video files to .mp4 (H.264 encoding) because this is the only format of video that the iPod plays. A good free iPod video converter I can recommend is “videora iPod converter”, just search it on google, its free and pretty good. This step will also take sometime depending on the size and length of your movie and the quality of the video converter (free ones take longer).
Before you go to the third step make sure all of the movies you want to download onto your iPod are in proper iPod format.
The third step is the easiest, after ripping and converting all the movies all we have left to do is actually transfer it onto your iPod. To transfer the movies onto your iPod you will need iTunes if you own an iPod you will probably already have this program because you need it for everything. Simply open up iTunes, scan the movies you want into the iTunes library, connect the iPod and hit “sync”. Finally you can enjoy your movies on your iPod.
How to download movies to iPod – The Online Shortcut
The steps above are simple and easy to follow and can be repeated many times. However ripping and converting you movies described in Step 1 and 2 can take a long time, but the good news is there is a simpler way to download movies to your iPod. This simpler shortcut is iPod downloads websites on the internet. These websites offer unlimited, lifetime access to all of their movies. The best part about these websites are that they let you download as many movies as you like and they all come in iPod format so you can skip step 1 and 2 and go directly to step 3.

Most of these websites charge you a one time payment of $49.99, However, you only have to pay once, you get unlimited, lifetime access and it is the same amount as buying just 2 DVD movies.

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