Free Online Word Spell Checker Websites Are not Perfect

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Whether you are creating a website or putting together a report for the first time we all know that the introduction to writing can be hard. You may think you need a word spell checker to check for misspelled words and out of place spaces and punctuations. Spell checker can usually do a good job at catching those things but what about the mistakes that are not misspelled? Writing tips 101 is to always take a break after writing then proofread your work before you turn it in.

It is quite common to mess up from time to time. Even the top authors and reporters can put out something that has a wrong word in it. For example, You can be typing fast and end up spelling the word “an” instead of “and” in a sentence. It gets missed because your free online spell checker can not tell you that you wrote the wrong word. It only looks for misspellings. This can easily slip pass you if you turn your work in as soon as you get done.

Take this writing tip to heart. Once you are done writing take a break. Watch a little tv, find a game to play, go run an error or what ever. The whole idea is to clear your mind so that you can look at your work again with fresh eyes. You can be surprised at the errors you find when you return.

It is so easy to put in the wrong word and not realize it. You may put down the word “there” instead of “their” or select “your” instead of “you’re” throughout the page. These things are easy to do when you are in the heat of writing and that is why you should take a break and come back to get later.

Sometimes words get selected by free online spell checkers that are not misspelled. If you abbreviate certain long phrases that can be seen as an error or use a word that is not in the systems data base. Slang can be a good example of this. It can only do so much. This is not a substitute for proofreading your work.

Remember, no spell checker website can figure out what you mean. That job is left up to you. Just because the word spell checker did not find anything wrong that does not mean that there are no mistakes. If you normally submit your work in once you have checked for misspellings you may end up turning in content with all kinds of problems. This can hurt your reputation depending on the work you do.

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