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Donna Karan was born in 1948 in Queens and has made her name a household one with her lines of designer clothing, glasses, and fragrances. Her mother was a model and her father a tailor, leading to her interest in the world of fashion, and she began selling clothing at the age of 14. She went on to work for famed designer Anne Klein, eventually heading up the design team, where she remained until 1989. At this point she launched her “Seven Easy Pieces”, which became legendary and opened up the door for the later expansion into perfumes.

Donna Karan, the signature fragrance in the line of Donna Karan perfumes, is rich with aromas of suede, rose, jasmine, and lily, all layered atop a base of patchouli, sandalwood, and amber. This creates a unique and evocative sensation that can be worn casually on a daily basis.

Perhaps the most well known of Donna Karan perfumes is DKNY, named for the same as her most popular line of clothing. This mainstream perfume is crisp and citrusy, with notes of orange and tomato leaf, blended carefully with daffodils and yellow waterlilies for a decidedly light floral background. Built atop a base of white birch and wet cobblestone, clive christian rock rose woman this fragrance offers a means by which to transition easily from casual daywear to a more romantic evening. DKNY is a fragrance on the edge and always in motion, exploding with the excitement and the energy of New York City. DKNY captures the scent, spirit and soul of New York.

Launched back in 1994, Cashmere Mist is another DK perfume with staying power. Inspired by the smell of clean cashmere, this blend of jasmine, sandalwood, and light vanilla create a decidedly woodsy aroma that is exactly what you would call for on a clear, fall day. Reminiscent of a cool day trekking through the woods, this fragrance is delightfully casual and outdoorsy.

Be Delicious and Be Delicious Night are a pair of Donna Karan perfumes that aid in keeping a theme throughout a day while adding a level of sophistication after dark. Inspired by New York City, the day wear formula is a blend of several light floral scents with the obvious apple essence, all layered with cucumber, grapefruit, amber, and wood. Be Delicious Night incorporates a sexier blend of ginger, jasmine petals, amber, purple freesia, and chilled blackberry martini, with just a hint of night-blooming orchids.


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