Bringing a New Bulldog Puppy Home

Prepare yourself, your family and your house before bringing the new bulldog puppy home from the breeder’s facility, insure it with a special place to rest, the supplies you will need firstly and good healthy food for dog pups. It’s better to have everything on hand when you arrive with the puppy, because in that moment your entire house and family will get in chaos. Now, before you all get carried away with all the excitement, there are a few things that you will need to take care first when you get your bulldog puppy from the breeder. Paper work is quite important, and while receiving the puppy you will also receive documents regarding its registration and health status. The blood line of your bulldog puppy is attested by a Registration Certificate and a French bulldog for sale copy of its pedigree, and its health status by the documents recording the immunizations and de-worming procedures, plus a specific veterinarian certificate.

Once the legal documents are fulfilled, do not forget to ask from the breeder detailed instruction about how to feed and take care of the puppy in the first months. Note that during the first few weeks of the puppy in your home, it is very important that you maintain the same routine that the puppy has been used. If your schedule does not allow you to maintain this routine, introduce the changes gradually, to not mentally distress the puppy.

If the puppy you have chosen had a favorite toy at the breeder’s, he will usually let you get the toy with the pup. Its favorite toy will make the puppy to easier over pass its anxieties.

The Bulldog Puppy Goes to its New Home

After you have finished all the paper work at the breeder’s facility, the moment comes to bring the bulldog puppy at your home. Bringing a bulldog pup home could be very exciting for the whole family. Children usually love puppies and they tend to be overly excited about having something and someone to play with that they would tend to pester the puppy a lot. The new bulldog puppy will obviously need some time to explore the new place, meet the new people and pass over the sorrow of being separated from its brothers and sisters, and all this should be explained to your kids. Your kids should also be guided how to support the new pup to make the first contact with its new home and family. It is a good idea to let your children play with the bulldog puppy as a means for it to make their acquaintance, but only moderately in order to not exhaust it. You should always remind the kids that the puppy needs a lot of rest and cuddling.

When you have bought the puppy for one of your children, allow that kid to name the dog. Although it would be tempting to do the naming yourself, the thing is, whoever kid gets to give a dog a name would always own that dog so give your kid that sense of ownership and let him learn about bulldog puppy care.


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