A Kiss

Some say and many believe that the kiss will lead to other things, I will just get it out of the way and call it what it is. Some say and many believe that the kiss will lead to love making or “SEX” I believe that in many cases it does, but only when you want it to lead there. Love making is the expression of love, commitment, loyalty, faithfulness, trust, you share with another. You should never make love to another unless you are expressing these things and are committed to spending your life with that person. Now, The importance of the kiss. The kiss is an expression of how you feel about a person. There are different kinds of kisses but we will get to that later. Lets talk about the kiss between a couple dating for now. The kiss sends a signal and is needed in order for a relationship to grow. A kiss is an expression of friendship, kindness, and love that generally looks to an enormous emotion. A kiss places the receiver and giver in a situation for a wholly pleasurable feeling and happiness. The kiss certainly helps a relationship grow especially at the beginning when it doesn’t lead to other things. The kiss helps to relieve anxiety and pressure. The kiss helps us to relax and feel comfortable with the other. The kiss gives approval and a since of belonging to the other person and increases the bonding process.

The kiss is what makes one feel connected to the other. When you allow yourself to be kissed you allow the other person to come within your personal space which is very important as it sends a message of trust. It tells the other that you trust them and feel a special closeness to them. Communication is the key to the kiss not 918kiss apk download leading to places you are not ready to go. The kiss is very important if you want a romantic relationship to blossom that may indeed lead to happy life of marriage, without the kiss you will never reach that. On the flip side, the lack of a kiss is also important as it sends a signal that you reached the end or the height of the relationship and will not go any further, other than a friendship.. You should never kiss unless you feel within yourself interest and a feeling of excitement, a level of closeness, and want to take the relationship to another level.

The kiss means a lot and tells a story, it’s the very thing that will make or break a relationship. If the kiss being given is behind feelings of love, or closeness for the person then it will be very slow, moist, passionate, slight looking into the eyes, hands on the face softly, and never ends on the first round. We all know what story this kiss is telling, don’t we..? WE have all experienced the fast, hard, just crazy kiss that makes you want to run. I’m not to sure what this kiss means but I do hope that it doesn’t mean that they do not know how to kiss like some say, I believe that a kiss behind feelings is natural. Those fast hard kisses are just from people who simply don’t care and won’t take the time to start caring. There are many different types of kisses. You have the greeting kiss, which tells a person you are happy to see them, this kiss is usually on the cheek. You have your friendship kiss, which is usually on the cheek or forehead. The friendship kiss is shared between friends, usually women, but men will give one on the forehead. You have your family kiss which is shared between family members to express a love for family. You can go on about the many different kisses but to get to the point, no matter what kind of kiss you are giving or not giving, it is telling a story. Be careful to give a kiss, also be careful not to give a kiss. The decision to kiss or not to kiss may play a very important part into your relationships and in your life.


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