A Dash of Ancient Persia From the Persian Rugs

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The Persian Rug is your thing to decorate the flooring of your home with. Persian Rugs UK are known to be the ultimate embodiment of Persian Culture Carpets in Sharjah and with them being laid out on the floor of your home be confident of attracting a lot of glances and stares.

Persian Rugs are known to last a lifetime, ones that become better just like fine wines. They keep improving with age. Some are even woven with golden thread, simply to add to their look. The natural fibers and dyes used to weave them react to changes in the air with their colors and hues becoming even more complex as time wears by. Ageing Rugs UK is even more valuable than their newer counterparts which have hardly been there for some time.

Persian Rugs UK has become highly coveted and decorated objects. They are also a natural insulator and help retain heat, in addition to muffling sounds. Created initially as utilitarian objects, they sort of evolved over time and became a means of cultural transmission. They contain folkloric and traditional motifs. Basically, they bring Persian Culture to your house.

The most striking fact about them is that no two Persian Rugs are ever the same. They are their weavers’ own interpretations. They are a medium through which weavers like to tell stories. The Rugs UK are a manifestation of thoughts taking shape via weaving.

How are they woven? The rug making process begins even before anyone sits before a loom. The rug makers/weavers assemble dyes of almost every conceivable hue and derive those from plants, barks, insects, fungi and roots. With modern technology, preparing cotton, wool and silk is easier. Using natural dyes and yarns, the handmade product is finally given a finish to. The hands responsible for these mattresses have been consistently portraying Persian Mythological figures. Some of the most commonly viewed ones are Rostam and Zahhak. Then there is also the depiction of Simurgh.

A very popular character Kaveh the Blacksmith, responsible for leading an uprising, is also a very famous depiction on these rugs. Zahhak was said to be a beheaded character slain numerous times yet would grow new heads constantly. He was said to be guarded by 2 vipers all the time. The snakes were a symbol of evil and have flamboyantly been depicted in the same malevolent manner on the carpets. Other equally appealing characters shown on these are those of Simorgh and Homa, both of them royal birds epitomizing victory. Peri, the vile woman, is also a very famous character in Persian mythology shown on the carpet.

In a sense, you can see Persian culture right through these jewels and masterpieces. They are a treat to have spread out on the floor and anyone putting their eyes on these would marvel with astonishment. Besides seeing Persia through this, the fact the rugs are soft and durable affirm their presence at your home. Place them beneath your feet and feel their comfort. That itself is significant enough for you to realize why you need to bring a couple of them home.

We know how expensive Persian Rugs are. We also know fake pieces are sold in the name of precious Persian mattresses in the rug market. The task is to ensure the mattresses bought are genuine, authentic. Get stuck with fake pieces and you will squirm over the money you spent on them, besides the fact that they add no value to your room.

There are many things about authentic Persian Rugs that will enamour you. They never stain. The wool has the ability to shed water. They are static free. They are also fire resistant. The wool itself does not burn. The protein in it ensures the rug shimmers all the time and gives warmth and brightness in any room. The wool is easy to clean as dust and dirt do not sink to the bottom unlike nylon or other synthetic fibres. These mattresses are most resilient to tear and wear, hence making every penny invested in buying them worth the cause.

Another quality about Persian Rugs is they are soft to touch. They feel amazing when kept under the feet. Children love crawling on them. They are a great insulator. They are versatile and can match any decor. They are sold in many sizes and styles. Their styles range from traditional to modern and all of them retain the quality they ought to.

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