5 SEO Tools You Can’t Live With Out

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SEO tools enable you to cut down the amount of hours it takes to provide quality keyword research, analyse your competition and backlinks. They allow you to spend the extra time you have been given to optimise your website more, focus on increasing the amount of backlinks you have to your website in turn allowing you to increase your search engine ranking quicker.

SEO tools give you a large amount of flexibility and choice, providing you with large quantities of useful information to make your job easier. For anyone that doesn’t currently use SEO tools now is the time to start.

I use a variety of SEO tools, they have helped me exceedingly since I first started performing SEO on my websites and other websites. These next 5 SEO tools are the tools which I use on a daily basis.

The first tool I advise you to use is Keyword elite now you may be put of by the price of the software. However don’t be if your really focused on achieving that number one spot on the search engines you are going to need a piece of software or SEO tool which will be able to find you quality keywords for you to take advantage of.

Keyword elite is built by one of the best SEO guru’s Brad Callen he is also the creator of SEO elite which I shall talk about later. Keyword elite allows you to do several things, and it helps to cut down your work load. With Keyword elite you can quickly and successfully using one primary keyword find 100 to 10,000 related keywords which will help for you to become the number one competitor in the market.

The second tool I recommend is SEO quake, now SEO quake is free to download and comes as a firefox plug in don’t worry if you don’t use firefox then you can also download it for internet explorer to. What SEO quake allows you to do is obtain and investigate important SEO parameters of any internet project you have going. group buy seoThis means you can easily check how many pages Google has indexed on any website, the alexa rank and much more.

The third tool I recommend is Wordtracker now this is another Keyword research tool which has held the largest market share for keyword research tools in the past. Wordtracker is available at a monthly or yearly rate unlike Keyword elite which is a one of fee. So if you don’t have the money for Keyword elite then perhaps this is a better option.

Wordtracker allows you to mine and extract thousands of keywords to uncover hidden keywords which have low competition and high amounts of daily searches. This allows you to increase traffic by exploiting these keywords in the search engines. With a very easy to use interface Wordtracker does not fail in appearance and overall structure, it is definitely a keyword research tool that I recommend.

The last tool I am going to recommend is the one I mentioned earlier, SEO elite again by the SEO guru Brad Callen this tool does not fail to shock you and surprise you. It has everything you need to create the best optimization strategy and plan to knock everyone else out of the way and ensure you get that top ten ranking you have wanted for ages.

This with Keyword elite makes a great pair of software tools which would definitely save you hours and hours of boring repetitive work. It would increase your chances of success and help to ensure you maximise traffic and earnings. Both of these tools offer everything you need and more to get the job done.



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